How to Keep Exercise Interesting

Exercise helps you to live longer, look better and feel great. In my dieting days, I used to view exercise as punishment, or use it as a license to eat more! Many people have a love hate relationship with exercise, like they do with food, because they are stuck in “diet thinking”. Click here to purchase from NHS Heroes

I often have clients ask me “how can I stay motivated to work out?” The truth is you need first to change your perspective on exercise and eliminate all thought and beliefs about it being a chore, something that you force yourself to do so you can lose weight. The intention to lose weight might get you off the couch or up earlier for a short time while your motivation is high, but as soon as it starts to wane, you find yourself struggling to even put on your walking shoes.

When it comes to exercise, I am a big proponent of the integrated approach – this means I let my everyday activities keep me fit. This way – things like walking the dog, cleaning the house, jumping on the trampoline with the kids or doing yoga stretches in front of the TV don’t require monumental effort, because they are a fun part of my everyday life.

I really encourage you to find activity that is fun and interesting for you – because if it’s pleasurable you are more likely to make it a permanent part of your life too. I learned from the French that being active all throughout the day, every day can actually be more effective in managing your weight than a few intense workouts at the gym that you dread and therefore may cancel if you’ve had a tough day.

Try to find activities that are interesting and fun for you. You may like to join a Zumba class, if working out in groups motivates you, or simply start walking around your neighbourhood or the mall because you enjoy it. My husband often commutes to work on his push bike several days a week, simply because he enjoys it and realistically doesn’t have time to get to the gym these days. Slotting the cycling into his busy life is something that works well for him. Personally, I love brisk walking around the neighbourhood – it is not only my treadmill, but my quality thinking time, so I look forward to it.

Find some activity that you love to do and use it as a release for your busy life, rather than view it as a chore or something you force yourself to do and you are more likely to stick with it.