Mobile Phones have changed the planet in a way weren’t aware of. From doing your banking utilizing your mobile, to watching movies and enjoying music. I seriously doubt anybody anticipated the growth and development in the cell phone market. The modern smartphone is capable of things that 4 decades ago might have needed a room full of computers. Besides just operating Gather Australia as phone, your mobile can send text messages, access the internet, run business applications, play games and even take high quality photos.

The very first radio phones were developed in the early Twentieth century. Reginald Fessenden, an American born in Canada, was a pioneer within this field. He was most likely the first person to ever successfully transit voice and music over radio waves. On the 23rd of December 1900, Fessenden was able to transmit speech over a 1600 yard distance, utilizing a high frequency spark transmitter. The sound quality was terrible, but the experiment showed that the concept of audio radio transmission was possible and even commercially viable with a bit of further development. This invention of Fessenden revolutionized the communication utilized by the military in The second world war. Fessenden was also notably responsible for groundbreaking research in the development of television and sonar.

Motorola was one of the first companies to produce a working handheld mobile phone. In 1973 their prototype weighed in at a whopping 2.2 pounds! Following 10 years of development and a 100 million dollars in development costs, their Dynatac-8000x was the first mobile phone available for sale to the public. The telephone was still extremely heavy weighing 2 pounds, and cost nearly 4000 dollars. The telephone took ten hours to charge, and after that the lucky user was left with a half hour of talk time. There was incredibly still a huge demand for the phone, despite it possessing a hefty cost and limited having a battery life. I think we can all be pretty thankful that both the size and value of phones have shrunk during the last two decades.

In the last 20 years mobile phone users have grown to a staggering 5.6 billion. What was first marketed as being a product for only the rich and privileged has become a regular used item around the world. Mobile phones are even used in some of the most underdeveloped countries in the world. Surveys show that between fifty and sixty percent of the global population use mobile phones. Some even declare that there are more mobile phones in the world than toothbrushes.

With the increase in the number of phone users there are also several new markets that are emerging. You will find huge advances being made in: Mobile Games; Mobile TV and Mobile Marketing. Considering you will find far more Mobile Phone users than online users, the Cell phone Marketing Market remains largely untapped. There are various Software For Mobile Marketing that could assist you to earn huge amounts of money.